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Delivering Change To Ghana - Della Los Angeles

Della, a Los Angeles born company is delivering a lot of change to Hohoe, a poverty stricken village in Ghana. Ghana, where 1 out of every 3 individuals live below the poverty line. Della is bringing more then monetary funding to the village, they are providing education and jobs to the community that so desperately needs it. 


     (Above, Tina Tangalakis - Founder and designer of Della poses with the women of Hohoe.) 

Della, was formed when two women from two very different backgrounds met by chance. Tina Tangalakis, a Los Angeles native traveled to Ghana where she volunteered at The Happy Kids orphanage. There, in the surrounding village of Hohoe, is where she met local seamstress Beatrice Agabe. The two formed a connection almost instantly. It was through their shared love for design and textiles, that the first, Classic Hobo bag came to life. 


       (Pictured above, the Classic Hobo bag. Made from local fabric in Ghana) 

Beatrice and Tina knew they were on to something amazing. The two decided under the direction of Beatrice, that they would teach the local women of Hohoe, how to sew and construct the bags. Not only would this provide them with jobs and education but hope as well. 


(Above, the local women of Hohoe, creating and crafting the one of a kind bags.)

The Classic Hobo bag has done so well that Della has designed a full line of bags, including clutches, (available fall 2012) Ipad cases, headbands, and even jewelry. Each bag or garment is constructed from one individual, with a special tag sewn into each one and signed by the woman who beautifully made it. 


     (Model pictured above, sporting one of the Classic Hobo bags.) 

We are so inspired by this amazing company and wish for our readers to help support this great cause. The bags are completely affordable and are perfect for spring. Heading to the beach? The Extra Large Hobo bag is perfect for all your “beachy ” necessities. This is one bag you can’t live without. Plus, you can feel good about giving back. 


       (Pink Guava Jelly Bag pictured above, one lucky reader will get her chance to win it. Click Here.

      Maybe you aren’t the beachy-type. You can totally still help, everyone these days has an ipad, macbook, or laptop, Della’s got you covered there as well. They are lightweight beautiful and one-of-a-kind. Who wouldn’t want to sport one? 


(Songbird Ipad case is beautiful. One of our favorites. The colors go lovely together.) 

In today’s economy we know everyone is struggling. But can you possibly imagine how others around the world are struggling too? Some like, the village of Hohoe are struggling far worse then we are. So I ask you, my lovely fashionable and giving readers—Can you spare a little to help change the lives of an entire village? 

For more information on Della or to visit their online store click HERE.  Also, you can follow Della on Twitter, and Facebook,.

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xo - Dana Elizabeth