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Get Customizing With Chromaticgallerie

Finally there’s a shoe that measures up to all your requirements. Have you ever dreamt of a perfect heel? A shoe with comfort, fit, style, and one that’s completely affordable? Those are the elements that make ChromaticGallerie, our favorite online shoe company. Not only are the shoes completely customizable but they’re delivered right to your front door in a beautiful purple box. And each pair comes with soul-soothing inserts to keep your tootsies cozy. 


                   | Zooey Deschanel In ChromaticGallerie |  Lipsticky-red | $88 USD | 

With ChromaticGallerie, it’s really easy to design the shoe of your dreams. Start by selecting your heel-height. Choose between sweet and sultry Kitten-heels at 2 inches, or rise to the next level with 3-inch heels and coming shortly Chromaticgallerie, will be offering a 4-inch option. Then, choose your color. With hundreds of colors to choose from the possibilities are endless. Choose From “Lipsticky-Red” (Which is the color I chose.) Or go naked in “Nude” with their barely there collection. After selecting the heel-height, and color you can decide on fabric choice. Selecting leather or suede can change the color variation slightly, so make sure you check the photos for each option.


            | Zooey Deschanel | Chromatic Gallerie | Lipsticky Red | $88 USD | 

Then finish by selecting your shoe size, they offer three variations, regular, narrow or wide making each shoe fit like a glove. Celebs like Zooey Deschanel, love the line. I designed my pair with her in mind. Opting for a 3 inch, suede, pump in “Lipsticky-Red.” When the shoes arrived I was completely blown away. The inside was beautiful the purple lining complemented the red suede perfectly. And once I wore the shoes, it was a done deal. I’m totally hooked on Chromaticgallerie. and will be recommending them to all my friends. 


        \ ChromaticGallerie \ Customize \ Heels in any color \$88 USD \ 

Walking around town, complete strangers were stopping me and asking, “Where did you get those shoes? They are gorgeous.” All of my girlfriends fell in love them. The color, is vibrant, bold, and adds a pop of color to any outfit. Check out the shop style steal page to see how I styled the pair. They are my new favorite obsession. I’ve been coming up with excuses to go out, just so I can wear them. I have to admit, I’ve also been wearing them around the house a bit. The rounded toe makes the shoes as comfortable as your favorite pair of sneakers. Chromaticgallerie, shoes are designed with a “simple silhouette that are sure to become your favorite pair of shoes, now and forever.” Here’s the best part, at only $88.00 ChromaticGallerie shoes are a total steal. One pair? Why stop there, when you can get at least two? To learn more about Chromaticgallerie head over to Chromaticgallerie.com and get customizing ladies.

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Xo - Dana Elizabeth