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This Fall the only girl you need is Cate McNabb. This line of mineral cosmetics are paraben-free, cruelty-free, non-pore clogging and derived from natural ingredients. Uncompromising on color and coverage, and is made for those who are “Bold by Nature.” 

We’re talking about beautiful colors, in a perfect fall palate of browns, and nudes. Their Naked Truth lipstick is perfect for every skin tone. I’m wearing it right now. (No, seriously…as I type this). It goes on smooth, and matte and has lasting color-staying-power and it’s the perfect price point for the perfect lipstick. $16.00 is a steal! 


The lipsticks come in all shades and colors like, Be Mine (which is a pink-based satin red), or London (which is a Blue shade of red). Looking for something a little darker? Try on, Medusa. This is a fun twist on purple. 

But the lipsticks are just scratching the surface, their line of shadows and eyeliners are what sets CATE MCNABB apart from the rest. I’m wearing their fall eyeshadow in brown AKA, Puppy Love. I’m definitely in love with this color. It’s so perfect for my skin tone and I’m one of those girls that hates to spend a ton of time applying eyeshadow…but with Puppy Love it does the trick, it adds just a touch of shade to my lids, which is more than enough for a dramatic difference. (Just smudge a little across your lid, sweeping back to your brow-bone and then towards your crease, contour with a Q-tip and voila! You are done). it’s in my make-up bag and it’s never leaving my site. 


Now for a day-to-night look? They have these amazing cream gel-eyeliners. I wear the Black gel eyeliner and it’s only $22.00. Get it here. 


And because their products are free of waterproof polymers, impurities and other agents, it’s a no brainer. Especially since I have super sensitive skin and have been known to breakout a time or two, (what self-respecting girl hasn’t dealt with acne in her life? Literally if you say you have never had a breakout your lying,) then Cate’s line is for you! sensitive and/or acne-prone complexions need not worry, your go to cosmetic line has arrived! Ladies, it’s time to try Cate on for size. This fall, when your basking in the glow of adoration from family, friends and loved ones…(because your skin and make up look flawless) be sure to thank Cate. She’s gonna become your new best friend.

Make sure to visit Cate McNabb on Facebook, Insta, and Twitter. Let’s not forget Pinterest. And while your falling in-love with the product line, please be sure to mention Words From The Runway. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram

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Reasons Why Mat Devine’s WRONGchilde’s Latest Album GOLD BLOODED is so RIGHT!

Last Wednesday under the guise of an email that simply hinted at a ‘secret show’ and an ‘exclusive CD-Release and performance’ prompted me to accept the invitation, as I was lured in by the chance to gain access to one of Los Angeles’ newest and most exclusive venues, ‘COMMUNITY’ upon entering the discretely labeled parlor, I was pleasantly surprised. A dimly lit room, no bigger than 900 square feet and boasting artwork from renowned underground artists laid the scene for what would be an evening of surprises. Plush seating in the center, with a long re-purposed wooden table beckoned us.The setting was just the beginning for a very intimate performance by Mat Devine, formerly of Kill Hannah to play his very first show with his solo-act, WrongChilde. Their debut album, Gold Blooded couldn’t have been more right. It was everything a girl who grew up listening to My Chemical Romance and The Shins mixed with a little bit of the great composers; John Berry, Ennio Morricone and Michael Andrews…with a touch of Gary Jules. It was pure, honest, and definitely worth the drive through L.A. traffic. Other outlets reported on the newly released album, for starters: 

Ryanseacrest.com called Mat Devine’s of (Kill Hannah’s) new solo-project an “experiment with synths and electronica to create a collection of ‘anthemic’ tunes fitting for a new generation…” and “Hopelessly romantic and just a touch emotionally twisted.”

Gold Blooded is Devine’s latest album from his solo-act entitled: Wrongchilde. Yet what is so amazingly ironic is how right, Wrongchilde is. From it’s melodic emo roots stems an album that is richly entoxicating, rythmically pleasing and makes you want to move. Devine’s pop-rock infused tunes will leave you wanting more.
From it’s strangely haunting and beautiful acoustic sounds you’ll hear on, “Falling In Love Will Kill You.” and “Slow” to the up-beat make-you-want-to-drive-for hours on, the title track, ”Gold Blooded.” Gold Blooded is just that, solid gold.

The album features stellar cameos from the likes of Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance), Alain Whyte (Morrissey) and Morgan Kibby(M83//White Sea) and has been featured by outlets like Alternative Press, Fuse, MTV, AV Club, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Blackbook, AllMusic, Nylon and many more.

Flora Nuit Launches Lingerie Boutique In Your Home

So super excited to let my readers in on a secret traveling lingerie pop-up shop. Introducing Flora Nuit, a traveling, lingerie boutique that makes shopping for lingerie convenient because it literally happens in your living room, no joke. That means not having to deal with the hassle of department store dressing rooms or being awkwardly fitted by a stranger— just you and your girlfriends enjoying a lingerie-shopping party all in the comfort of your own home.

Flora Nuit was launched last fall in NYC by Melissa Silvetti and Laura Maurer, who, after years of working in the lingerie industry, felt they could improve upon the current lingerie shopping options. “We realized that the at-home model really lent itself well to lingerie because of the fun, supportive environment that’s created when a group of women get together,” Silvetti says. “From the beginning, we felt strongly about offering a variety of styles and sizes so that there’s something for everyone.”

Their inventory includes 12 hard-to-find lingerie, sleepwear, and shapewear brands, all of which are women-owned and designed; bras in sizes 32A-38E; and underwear from XS-XL. And this Summer they announced the launch of Flora Nuit in Los Angeles. (Seen here, in these images from their LA Launch). 

Here’s how it works: Contact Flora Nuit about a month in advance with a date you have in mind, and they’ll design a custom invitation to be sent out to your friends (Usual head count for parties is 10-20 people).

On the day of the event, your Flora Nuit ambassador will arrive an hour early to set up the pop-up shop, which includes samples of all of the sizes and styles they offer. Then you and your guests can try everything on, get fitting advice from the ambassador, and place orders for your favorite pieces. One to two weeks later, purchases will be delivered right to every guest’s door. If you’re the host of an event, you get a $50 credit to put towards your order.

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So Excited to be partnering with SCENTBIRD and Alexandra Stylist out of NYC for our cross-branded promotional contest aptly titled, or rather what I’ve decided to call the: Summer Scent Giveaway! It’s completely easy to enter to win. Simply follow the link here:SUMMER SCENT GIVEAWAY

But first you need to know what SCENTBIRD is all about – Have you ever wanted to sample a new perfume but found yourself too exhausted from working long hours; or raising the kids to want to get up and head out to Sephora, or the mall, or god forbid one of those kiosks that sells knock-off brands? Or just, honestly your too perplexed about which scents to try? Then darlings, your prayers have been answered. SCENTBIRD has arrived, and it’s quite honestly, the next best thing since Plated. Hand-picked by yourself, or curated by the lovely ladies over at SCENTBIRD, full-size bottles of goodness delivered to your door, home, or office…you pay nothing unless you decide to keep the bottles! It’s genius and I wish I thought of it. But, I didn’t and so the only other option? When SCENTBIRD approached me about offering a giveaway to my readers I was like, “Um, hello…of course!” I mean who doesn’t want to win a free full-size bottled of perfume? I know I do, and I know you do too! So without further ado …What are you waiting for? Seriously enter here::SUMMER SCENT GIVEAWAY 

The contest will run through July 14th, 2014. Make sure to visit Alexandra Stylist and SCENTBIRD to get your style and scent on! Now go-off and SMELL GOOD.

And remember to keep it here for more: Words From The Runway.

- Dana Elizabeth


Summer just got a little bit sweeter. Why, you may ask? That’s because New York based, Jewels of June just launched its summer collection. It’s a girls go-to dream for all things vintage, hip, and delicate. Jewels of June pieces are all entirely handmade in beautiful NYC. Each piece of their delicate fashion jewelry collection will not only enhance your summer wardrobe, but it will definitely make your wallet happy too! Prices are insanely low making it easy to custom design that summer-stack of bracelets you’ve been dying to make. With prices ranging from $14.00-$40.00 you can’t, not shop here.


JOJ believes in cultivating creativity and inspiring other artists to find their creative side. And each item is produced in limited batches so you know you will always find unique, and different pieces to choose from. No more worrying about wearing the same FOREVER21 jewelry pieces that that other girl at the festival is wearing. Yuck! How embarrassing.


Jewels of June pieces perfect for mix and matching with your work wear to your girl-on-the-go wardrobe. You will also find one-of-a-kind pieces as well. The company believes in empowering women to be free, allowing oneself to embrace beauty, to inspire others with her spirit and artistic side. Jewels of June challenges the status quo, and begs to be worn. Because just as each piece in the Jewels of June collection is unique, so are the women that wear their pieces. Be inspired, and be unique in JOJ. I know I am, especially since Jewels of June recently sent me a few pieces for review.


I’m so excited to pair their accessories with my summer wardrobe. Take for example their Royal Midi-Rings. Seriously, at $20.00 you can get a few, and they look super chic from work-to-play. I’ve worn this one several times and each time people have asked me where I got the item. Lucky for you, I’ve included a direct link here: “Royal Midi-Ring” so you can get your fingers on a few of them. The brassy gold color is totally in and perfect for a day at the beach or dinner with friends….

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Summer 2014 Trends - From Runway To Everyday - House of Gems

It is often said that jewelry can either make or break an outfit. It frames our face, and adds that extra something, ‘special’ to complete a look. It can take us from day-to-night and it allows us to express ourselves in ways that sometimes, clothing can’t. We believe that when it comes to luxury and sparkle a hefty price tag shouldn’t come with it. That’s why we’ve scoured the internet, jewelry blogs and high-end jewelry companies for some of the top accessory designers on the market in an attempt to take you from the runway to everyday with these 2014 trends.

Alexis Bittar -- Maldivian Feathered Tressage Necklace

  Maldivian Feathered Tressage Necklace –  ALEXIS BITTAR — $795.00

This stunning Alexis Bittar necklace is gorgeous, but what isn’t is that price tag. As an alternative, we found this little beauty from Natasha Couture, on Nordstrom’s website for a fraction of the cost. You still achieve a similar look, but aren’t breaking the bank.


Natasha Couture Multistrand Necklace

 Multistrand Necklace – NATASHA COUTURE   —  $795.00

When it comes to summer’s trends for 2014 it’s all about neon colors, bright bold and beautiful. The brighter the better and this bib-style necklace by Shourok Rhaiem, is anything but dull. But with a price tag that’s a staggering $1,140.00 it can definitely put a damper on your summer plans.


Shourok Rhaiem Apolonia Multicolor Necklace

 Apolonia Multicolor Necklace –  SHOUROK RHAIEM –  $1,440.00

How about this Neon Gold Necklace by Tom Binns, it’s a whopping $2,200.00 that’s practically a trip to Costa Rica with accommodations for a month.

Tom Bins Neon Gold Necklace

Neon Gold Necklace –  TOM BINNS –  $2,200.00

We couldn’t stomach the price tag and so we had to find a suitable replacement, luckily we were able to and you won’t believe the difference in price. This Forever 21 bib-style necklace comes in at a totally worth-it price of $7.80, yes you read that right…$7.80 for a totally similar look for this summer trend. Check it out below:

Forever 21 Eclectic Layered Necklace

Eclectic Layered Necklace –  FOREVER 21 –  $7.80

Although some trends are totally chic and begged to be worn right off the runway, it doesn’t mean they have to be. You can find runway worthy looks for a fraction of the price, and no one will be the wiser. The only person who will be able to tell is you. So we say, shop in your budget, find trends and styles that speak to you. It doesn’t matter the price-tag as long as you feel good wearing it. So get your jewel-on this summer, we dare you.

About the author: Dana Elizabeth is a contributing editor for Parenting OC Magazine, Teagora.com and founder and Editor-In-Chief of Words From The Runway. She holds a BFA in design and currently works at CBS Television Distribution. To learn more about her please visit: www.danaeditor.com

Jack Johnson Designs Flip Flops for Feelgoodz - Earth Day Celebration

So I’m super excited because yesterday was not only, ELLE’s Women In Music Event at the Avalon in Hollywood, but it was also Earth Day! I’m a little late with posting something but luckily just in time, Jack Johnson and Feelgoodz came to the rescue! 

Feelgoodz just launched a new collection “Jack Johnson by Feelgoodz”, an exclusive flip flop collection designed in collaboration with the artist and you want to know the best part? All proceeds benefit the Kokua Hawaii Foundation.

The collection will consist of one men’s style and one women’s, which were selected by Jack Johnson and his wife, Kim, because they are their favorite styles, with colors and designs complementing Jack Johnson’s latest album, From Here to Now to You. This partnership is a natural fit for Johnson, who wears Feelgoodz regularly and loves the brand’s dedication to using natural materials.

The Kokua Hawaii Foundation, is a non-profit organization founded by Jack and Kim Johnson which supports environmental education in the schools and communities of Hawaii, Johnson’s home state.

“A big mahalo to Feelgoodz for making my favorite pair of slippers and helping us support environmental education,” notes singer/songwriter Jack Johnson.

We couldn’t be more excited about our new partnership with Jack and his team,” says Feelgoodz Founder Kyle Berner, “Our collaboration happened organically and authentically and it embodies the perfect balance of both of our cultures, values, and philanthropies, and we’re doing it all through an amazingly comfortable flip-flop collection.”

Jack Johnson by Feelgoodz Collection:

Kinderz: This flip-flop, or “slipper” as they call them in Hawaii, is Jack    Johnson’s favorite style and the ones he personally wears. Made of  natural products including a veggie-tanned leather upper with natural Vietnamese rubber midsole and outsole. The colors selected are a throwback to the original release of this style; it is comfortable, soft, has arch support and the footbed is molded to a podiatrist’s specifications. Available for Men in Sizes: 9-10, 10-11.5, 11.5-13. (MSRP: $49.99)      

Slimz:  Kim Johnson, Jack’s wife, wears this style and worked with Jack’s From Here to Now to You album artist to provide Feelgoodz with the artwork to screenprint on the footbed. This all-natural flip-flop is made of 5L, the highest quality, Thai rubber and natural dyes. It’s designed to mold to the foot, providing custom arch and heel support. Available for women in sizes: 5-7, 7-9, 9-10, 10-11. (MSRP: $24.99)

The Jack Johnson by Feelgoodz Collection is available in late spring for purchase on the Feelgoodz website, Jack Johnson’s website, as well as on Jack Johnson’s North American tour.

It’s like a dream come true, being able to enjoy a great pair of sandals that are stylish and that also give back. It’s a win-win situation. And anyone who know’s me, knows I’ve been a huge fan of JJ since Banana Pancakes days. It’s also perfectly timed for the release of his new album. So you can wear flip-flops this summer while lounging around eating Banana Pancakes and listening to Jack’s new jams. Your idea of a Great Summer? or Greatest Summer?! I don’t know about you, but count me in. 

Thanks and keep it here for more: Words From The Runway 

- Dana Elizabeth 


ELLE Magazine Women In Music - Featuring Sarah McLachlan and Rumer Willis

Last night was the 5th Annual ELLE Women in Music Celebration presented by CUSP by Neiman Marcus at the Avalon Hollywood. Celebs including Stacy KeiblerSophia BushKat Graham and more. Guestsrocked out at the private concert to performances from Sarah McLachlanAngel Haze and Betty Who and enjoyed a special DJ set from Rumer Willis. It was a great event, empowering women of all ages to continue to follow their passions and dreams.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 22: (L-R) Recording artists Sarah McLachlan and Betty Who, Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Robbie Myers and recording artist Angel Haze attend the 5th Annual ELLE Women in Music Celebration presented by CUSP by Neiman Marcus. Photo courtesy of: GettyImage.

The entrance was draped with a signature red carpet as guests made their way into the foyer. The Art-Deco designed entry way gave way to a beautiful ornate wall-to-wall marble counter top chalk-full of CUSP by Neiman Marcus makeup products. Signature cocktails were also served, as well as champagne, and a few selections of wine.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 22: (L-R) Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Robbie Myers, actress Rumer Willis, and Kevin O’Malley

Once you had a chance to meander through the crowd, sipping on your cocktail and feeling beautiful, guests were greeted by a grand staircase where a photo-booth was set-up. Guests had the opportunity to dress up and have their pictures taken.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 22: (Dana Elizabeth and Indie Musician Monique St. Walker enjoy a quick photo-op in the ELLE photobooth)

The night was filled with A-list celebs and industry professionals including, Host Robbie Myers (Editor in Chief, of ELLE) Stacy KeiblerSophia Bush (NBC’s “Chicago P.D.”), Kat Graham (CW’s “The Vampire Diaries”), Kevin McHale (Fox’s “Glee”), Scout WillisEmma Bell (TNT’s “Dallas”), Willa Holland (“Arrow”), Aly Michalka (CBS’ “Two and a Half Men”), AJ Michalka (ABC’s “The Goldbergs”), Holland Roden (“Teen Wolf”), Briana Evigan (Step Up: All In), actress and musician Zendaya,musical comedy duo Garfunkel + Oates (Riki Lindhome & Kate Micucci), Pia Toscano (“American Idol”), Aimee Garcia (RoboCop), Shantel VanStanten (Fox’s “Gang Related”)and many many more. 

HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 22: Recording artist Sarah McLachlan attends the 5th Annual ELLE Women in Music Celebration presented by CUSP by Neiman Marcus.

Sarah McLachlan closed the night with a few classics including, “In the Arms of An Angel” and a new song, “In Your Shoes.” She held the audience with her melodic yet soulful vocals. The crowd hung on every lyric, singing along with McLachlan, as the 90’s girl in me felt giddy with the idea of Lilith fair dancing in my head. (I have yet to attend, but could only imagine what it must be like.) 

Until next time Keep it here for more: Words From The Runway 

- Dana Elizabeth 


Los Angeles Fashion Week | Inside The Fashion-Vortex Of LAFW

“Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.” - Winston Churchill 

For the last five years I’ve covered Los Angeles Fashion Week here on WFTR, not once ever feeling quite as exhausted as I am from this season. But it is the connections, friends and sleepless nights that make it all worthwhile. For the last two weeks I’ve been in a fashion-vortex of sorts. I’ve kept busy running from runway show to runway show, events, and soirees—here, there and everywhere. Los Angeles Fashion Week has taken a lot out of me, but it hasn’t taken my love of fashion, fight, or hunger for success. I wanted to share with all of you a recap of the last two weeks. Below you will find images, quotes and moments from Los Angeles Fashion Week SS13’ shows. Please share and repost with friends. 

Fashion Week Kicked-Off with the inaugural launch of LAFC (Los Angeles Fashion Council) spearheaded by Two Point Oh! LA’s Kelsie Smith, also of Dedicated Follower Of Fashion, and Stylesmith. The LAFC hosted a two day event at the historic Carondelet House in downtown Los Angeles.  The event was sponsored by Chambord and Chambord Vodka  and included runway shows featuring: AGAIN, ISM Mode, Luxury Jones, Odylyne, The Bohemian Society, Jen Awad, and Luciana Salamone. Accessories with pop-up booths included: Pop Molly, Gilda Grey, Kittinhawk, Shallow Fashion, White Sycamore, and Bijou Van Ness. 

            (ISM MODE - Image: www.losangelesfashioncouncil.com

        (ODYLYNE - Image: www.losangelesfashioncouncil.com

*(Fashion re-cap #TBT) This was a post I found from last year. It somehow never went to publish. Interesting to see how it started. I tried to find the images that went with the feature and then remembered they were wiped from my system when the hard drive crashed back in July. These images were pulled from LAFC’s blog. 

   ( BOHEMIAN SOCIETY - Image: www.losangelesfashioncouncil.com

             (JEN AWAD - Image: www.losangelesfashioncouncil.com

With Mother’s Day just around the corner we wanted to put together a Mother’s Day Gift guide that will not only make your mother smile, but it will make the Women of East Africa smile as well. Introducing Harkiss designs. Founded by Harriet Zaffoni a New Yorker of Ugandan descent, Harriet wanted to empower the women of East Africa to help them see that they too could provide for their families.

Each one of Harkiss designs is handmade by East African artisans. Each piece is made from natural wood, stone, cow horn, leather and other natural products. Harkiss is based on the idea of compassionate capitalism. Every product is made by East African artisans (most of whom are women responsible for supporting their entire family) in the comfortable and safe setting of a co-op in their community.

This work has opened a new trade route through which you can enjoy the beautiful and unique designs of East Africa, and East African women benefit from a larger marketplace for their hand crafted products. And a percentage of the sales go to a charity Organization LEND a HAND UGANDA–USA.

And in keeping with inspiring women of all backgrounds, Harkiss designs wants to give back to women of all walks of life by offering a promotion for the month of May. The “Lady of the Season” contest will run until May 11th 2014. Customers who purchase $75 or more from the online boutique will be automatically entered into the “Lady of the Season Contest”. The contest winner will receive one piece of fine, handcrafted jewelry delivered to them each season all the way through to the winter of 2015 A totals of 4 pieces. The runner-up will win a beautiful basket hand-woven by a Harkiss Designs artisan, plus a finely crafted bracelet made from natural
horn or brass.

To learn more about Harkiss designs please visit: Harkissdesigns.com

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- Dana Elizabeth